Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tv Show: MTV'S Jersey Shore

If you haven't heard by now, MTV has this new show called Jersey Shore. About young, HOT Italian americans out on the East Coast, who spend there summer days out on the Jersey Shore. Which consists of Clubs, Bars, Beach, Houses etc. & for us watching it's just PURE ENTERTAINMENT! MTV had gotten the idea of the show because of the multiple True Life episodes they did on Jersey Shore (Which, I'm a Jersey Shore girl happens to by my favorite True Life episode of ALL TIME) .

Okay so now that you have a little info on what the show is about, let's talk about my opinion. Seriously? Nothing big has happened for me to say "oooh this is my favorite show" yet .. I found the True Life episodes about Jersey Shore WAAAAAAYYY more entertaining then this. All they do is ... argue .. bring girls over .. & talk about how beautiful they are blah blah blah. I think it's in their nature just to be cocky as shit & go on with their lives. The first episode, this broad claimed to be the "Kim Kardashian" of Jersey or whatever. Anyways .... the broad came in the house with trash bags carryin her clothes while everyone else had suitcases & shiz. HOT MESS.  How are you Kim K. bringing in trash bags. The broads on here are just as weird. One of my favorites on the show though is probably the weirdest .. her name is Snookie. 

Lately this video of the next episode has been going around the internet of her getting punched by a dude at the club. (Video Below) It's kind of crazy, cause broad fell to the ground & it look like it hurt .... fa real. LMAO. Theres been talk that the episode she gets punched in ... they will NOT be showing the punch. We'll have to see tonight ..... Anyways ... This is probably the life of the show, she's just so ODD & tried to leave because she felt people didn't like her or whatever. I think she's so funny .....& if she like leaves the show FA REAL. I will NOT be watching for now, you can watch the show EVERY THURSDAY @ 10 PM.

snookie getting punched.

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