Saturday, December 12, 2009

Album: Lauryn Hill - MTV Unplugged

Ahhhh. Lauryn Hill. One of the greatest people to ever live. Like seriously, people constantly say "You'sa Hype" because I consider her to be one of my favorite artist. I don't follow the hype ... I like what I like. & Just because other folks find her amazing don't mean I have to shut up about her. Anyways, this album + live set were just great & amazing. Most of my favorite songs in the wholeeeeeeeeee wide world are on this album. She cries, she laughs & just puts her heart & soul into this music right here. It's actually keeping me up at the moment. So i figure I'd let yall know about this & to tell you to go 'head & buy this/download because its worth it.

Mr Intentional 

This is probably #2 on my favorite songs in the whole wide world list.

I Gotta Find Peace Of Mind
This is an interesting performance, she actually starts crying as she performs. It's deep.

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Juicy Carter said...

I love lauren Hill. She is definately missed, I hope she gets it together and comes out with a new album