Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What a catch,

So i've been up for like the past hours .... coding this new layout. I'm very satisfied at the moment, except for the playlist. Honestly, i wasn't going to bother doing it over until someone brought it to my attention that I DO have a blog I need to update ....lmfao. It also made me realize that my last layout made me look like a blown out lesbian. I love the gays but i likes me the paynis. So sorry. ENJOY this layout, follow, comment & i'll be spamming the blog from now on [thumbs up] heyyy.

p.s. - make sure u follow the blogs on my blogroll. thanks!
if u want to be linked, just leave a comment with your link :]
if it's ghey, im not posting it thanksssssssss!


King B said...

i dig the new layout girl . lovess it . playlist on point as well .

im back too =] woot !

Tina said...

Waddup! it's backseatlove on Tumblr. I'ma add you do my blog roll if that's cool with you. (:

viva la mixed girl . said...

aww thanks guys <3