Friday, November 20, 2009

Music Videos: Toni Braxton ft Trey Songz - Yesterday

Toni Braxton ft Trey Songz - Yesterday

"Never thought you'd lose my love this way"

Here's some typical TONI type video, on the wall & the chair & stuff. This girl lmfao. Then you have Trey songz not really doing much but looking cute. All the mens in this video are fine ... especially the one that's kissing on BROOKE HOGAN. tsk tsk .. I don't know why they got this hoe in the video but anyways ... the video isn't that bad. It's just the wigs she changed into that are really irking me.


King B said...

smh . wow brooke a video hoe now? thats a realistic image tho cuz blk dudes are usually going for white girls now a days .

i think toni looked pretty in some parts . love the song . nd course trey is delicious <3

typical R&B duet video.

RoByn LaTice said...

Wow, i didnt know she was back at it. I loved all of her old songs. This is pretty jazzy. I think she looks nice.

Secretia said...

I love everything of Toni Braxton.