Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FAVORITE GUY: Mark Salling

The 3 main guys of glee are featured in People's "Sexiest Men Alive" issue. &; I must say ... the 2 on the left don't need to even be in the magazine. Sure they have little cute personalities & what not but dude on the RIGHT? GOOD GOD, THAT MAN IS BLESSED. His name is MARK SALLING & he is just one fine ass man.
I happen to L-O-V-E the show & all but he makes my day .. especially hearing dude is a freak? Oh hell yes.

isn't he just so dreamy?


King B said...

girl ? i think i just died and came back . he is gorgeous .

-inserts daydreaming yim smiley-

viva la mixed girl . said...


classic daisy said...

super sexy