Saturday, June 27, 2009

Purchase exclusive MJ tee’s :

they email me about the new shirts & such, thought id
help ya out . theyre the guys .. responsible for the run dc shirt.

they're kind of lowkey.
so hit it up.

one of my favorite pic of MJ.
who knew after watching the journey & struggles
he went through .. how would be the best of all time?
im glad to say i lived in a world,
with a greatttttttt entertainer.


C'est La Vie. said...

i love your blog :)

feenastyy said...

agreed @clest.

but dang, they wasted no time with them tees.

I wonder if they gottem in my size..

Alexandra said...

thanks babes ^_^

& im sure they do.
they got hella diff sizes

J M said...

I like shiny things! 0_o